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jared greenberg79

We had the privilege of being introduced to Mary Beth through a mutual friend. From the first time we met, her sincerity and confidence assured us that we had found the realtor who would find us our dream home. Mary Beth is extremely diligent and hardworking, and we were made to feel like we were family. My wife was pregnant with twins at the time and we were more than a little concerned about the prospect of concurrently looking for a home. Mary Beth eased our fears and speculations and went above and beyond anything that we could have expected. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home and more importantly my wife and I not only consider her our realtor, but also our friend.

kyle a keating

Thank you Mary Beth and Elliot for a fabulous experience!! My husband and I had just started looking for houses, planning on expanding our family in the near future. Mary Beth listened to us intently and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. The house on Rugby was a popular hit so she helped us make a competitive offer and guided us through the process at every step of the way. She helped us negotiate and was extremely professional when interacting with the sellers. We are so happy in our new home and would definitely recommend Mary Beth to any of our friends or family looking to move!


We recently bought a house and Mary Beth Hurtado was our real estate agent. We found her based on Zillow reviews. We were extremely happy to work with Mary Beth and Eliot (who is working with Mary Beth), and eagerly wanted to share our wonderful experience with them here.

As a first time home buyer, our budget was tight. We lost a few houses that we put offers in, as our offers were not as competitive as others. To help us Mary Beth tried very hard collecting information through her colleagues and friends about the properties that will be listed soon in the market but are not yet listed. One day she emailed to let us know about a house that is going to be listed soon which she found from her former colleague. We visited the property and immediately thought this will be a perfect house for us. We also knew it would be very attractive to other buyers if it were listed. We soon put in an offer. With no other offers competing with ours, we got the house.

Even before we found this house, Mary Beth and Eliot had been helping us in so many ways. They showed us a lot of houses even before we signed the contract for appointing Mary Beth to be our exclusive buyer agent. They continued to show us a number of listings and spent tremendous amount of time with us even during weekend and nights until we finally found our home. They also gave very thoughtful and realistic advice, explaining what aspects we should look at carefully when we see a house, how to write and understand the documents needed for the agreement of sale, and so much more. Eliot and Mary Beth also did all of the complicated paperwork while still going over all the important details for us, which made the entire process so easy for us.

Mary Beth and Eliot were totally honest and trustable and we knew that they would protect us from any mistakes we might make as a first-time home buyer. They always honestly told us what they think about the houses during showing, regardless of whether it is about a good aspect or about a potential issue, and helped us determine whether it is the best house for us or not. Every minute we spent with them was extremely beneficial and also educational for us.

No wonder Mary Beth has solid relationships with her past clients. In fact, a little before closing, Mary Beth connected us to a wonderful family among her former clients who were planning to sell most of their furniture at very reasonable prices to relocate themselves to a smaller house. We purchased a lot of quality furniture from them at very good prices. It would probably be one of the best purchases we have ever made.

We truly enjoyed working with Mary Beth and Eliot. We were sad after closing that we can no longer work with them. However it turned out that Mary Beth continued to help us even after closing. She gave a number of recommendations for the contractors, and provided advice on our various questions about the house.

We feel extremely lucky to get to know Mary Beth and Eliot. They were extremely professional and also so personable and humorous, and it was always a joy to meet them. We are very grateful for all of their kind help and thoughts for our family, and hope that our relationship will continue as good friends.

Mary Beth works both as buyer’s and seller’s agent. We eagerly recommend her. Mary Beth and Eliot will be a perfect real estate agent team for you.


Mary Beth was nothing short of fantastic! We were moving to the main line area and knew very little about it. She was able to talk to us regarding the "feel" of each neighborhood... even down to the streets more preferable for our small child! She really took care to make sure that we saw many options and found something that we loved. We couldn't be happier with her or our beautiful new home! We will recommend her to anyone looking for realtor.


I truly enjoyed my experience working with Mary Beth. She had a vast understanding of the Mainline market, understood what I was looking for and delivered! She was a pleasure to work with, was very responsive and provided great recommendations for me to complete my purchase. I highly recommend Mary Beth when you're searching for a home in the Mainline!


I can not say enough great things about Mary Beth, my Mainline real estate agent. I felt comfortable with her from the moment I spoke to her, and knew right away I wanted her to be my realtor. As a first time homeowner, I had so many questions and concerns. She was patient and responded quickly to every concern. She listened and did not try to pressure me in any way. We strategized together, which really helped me ultimately make the right decision. Mary Beth and Elliot managed to make a stressful situation so much fun! Great team!


Mary Beth Hurtado is our Main Line real estate agent. She came as a recommendation to us through a good friend of ours. She was not only a great and very professional real estate agent, but we immediately connected with her for her warmth and willingness to really guide us through the process of purchasing our first home. It felt so much less taunting just because it felt like the process was less of a transaction but more of something education to both my husband and I (having to purchase a house for the first time, in an area that we have only lived in for three years.)

Mary Beth was subtle and effective in her approach of finding out what we needed. After a first afternoon of showing, she really put together our comments and thoughts while figuring out what we really wanted versus what we thought we wanted. And the second round was just a smooth sailing series of houses that we loved all of them (and obviously couldn't purchase them all). We then finally came by a house that came on the market that Mary Beth immediately took us to see it and guided us through the process which eventually let us to successfully purchasing our first home.

All in all, Mary Beth made it so easy and wonderful for us that we really couldn't imagine what we would do without her. We love our new neighborhood, our home and are glad to have met such a wonderful person as well.


What can I say about Mary Beth that hasn't already been said? I was referred to her by a friend who sung her praises after he and his wife purchased a home with Mary Beth's assistance. So I had to see for myself. And boy was he right!

Mary Beth treats you as though you are her only client. She negotiates with skill. She's honest, experienced, fair, professional, and respectful. As a first-time home buyer, it was critical to have someone I could trust.

Mary Beth delivered in so many ways. First, she spent an incredible amount of time walking me through the steps involved before we toured the first property. Second, she helped narrow down the list of features to get to what I really want/need versus what I thought I needed. Third, her negotiating prowess scored me an incredible deal bringing my "dream" home within reach for me financially. Fourth, she was always available day and night via multiple channels (e-mail, phone, and even text) throughout the process.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to recommend Mary Beth. There are plenty of decent agents on the Main Line. But why waste your time with them? Choosing Mary Beth Hurtado is an absolute no-brainer. Quite frankly, you'd be foolish to go with anyone else!


Mary Beth Hurtado is our Main Line real estate agent. Working with Mary Beth has been a great pleasure. Not only she is a professional, knowledgable, and ethic real estate agent, but a very nice, caring person as well.

We are now first time owners. If you are searching for a house in the Main Line we highly recommend Mary Beth. She has lived here for years, sent her kids to the Lower Merion Schools and has all kinds of resources and connections in the area. She really knows the Main Line market.

Finding a nice house in an area where demand is high like in The Main Line could be hard. Mary Beth made sure we didn't overpay and guided us in a way that made it possible to avoid a bidding war in a very nice townhouse located in one of the best zip codes.

Mary Beth will take her time to get to know you and your family, what are you looking for, and if you are new in the area or are buying a house for the first time, will educate you through the process. She really cared about us, about finding a home where we could be happy. She never pressured us, however, when the right opportunity raised, she made sure we didn't lose it.

She is fun, warm, patient but very business like at the same time. We love Mary Beth!


Mary Beth is everything you can ask for in a agent when looking for a home. My husband and I were in no rush, looked for 18 months and saw over 20 houses. Mary Beth was so patient with us. My husband works crazy hours and most days she would just take me out knowing that we would do a second showing with my husband if I really liked what I saw. She had no problem making time for us. We had specific needs and did not want to settle. We didn't know much about the suburbs of Philadelphia and wanted to see it all for ourselves. We looked everywhere from neighborhoods close to the city to a half a hour out. We also wanted to be on a friendly family street. She found us EXACTLY that. We hit the jackpot when it comes to neighbors and are so proud when people tell us that our street is so beautiful. Our favorite part about working with Mary Beth and Elliot was how friendly, fun, professional, efficient, and most importantly how knowledgable they are. I cannot say enough nice things about these two and how truely appreciative we are of them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you both, Mary Beth and Elliot!


Mary Beth and Eliot found us the home of our dreams….a home of hopefully many years to come…all that in a location of our choice and a good price-point.

After months of looking up listings online and some initial research regarding realtors active in the Main Line area, we met with Mary Beth Hurtado. The fact that she has been in the business for quite some time and works full time as a realtor with a focus on the Mainline area were important to us. She asked us insightful questions in the initial meeting and was very willing to work with our schedule (weekends only). Mary Beth, together with Eliot are a wonderful team with in-depth knowledge of the business, the area, legalities / paperwork and houses in general.

She was able to schedule our first trip within a week of our initial meeting with her. We found her extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, school district, distance from the near train station etc. She pointed out the pros and cons of each property objectively. In several of them she closely examined for any problem areas such as sign of moisture, age of appliances etc. She is quite hands-on and understood what appealed to us both in the creative and the financial sense. Most importantly we felt more educated by the end of the day which is important as a first time home buyer. Several of the realtors that we met during the open-houses knew Mary Beth which was pleasantly reassuring. Throughout our house hunt, Mary Beth was very approachable.

Fortunately we were able to find three good options within a few weeks and Mary Beth worked with the sellers’ agents to gather more information on each property. She was also forthcoming in introducing us to others who provided us suggestions on interior decorating, paint etc. The house we finally decided on was a bank owned property. Mary Beth knew how to deal with the bank and put in a winning bid. The entire process including the closing went smoothly. As a new home buyer, we were very happy with Mary Beth and will definitely recommend her.


Mary Beth was referred to us, and she is our Main Line real estate agent. From our first conversation where she gathered info about what we were looking for, I felt there was an immediate connection. She understood exactly what we were looking for, and was very good at moderating between two opposing styles. Mary Beth was very friendly, and made the process very comfortable for us as first time home buyers. When viewing homes, she made sure to point out features and concerns that we would have overlooked, and offered her expert advice. Mary Beth made herself readily available and responded to all of our calls and emails quickly. We are very happy with the home we purchased and hope we get the opportunity to work with her again in the future.


We used several agents in the past few years and we only chose the ones that had outstanding records. Mary Beth is the best among them for two reasons. First, she is creative. While many agents are rather passive in buying and selling, Mary Beth always went the extra mile and tried to think about alternatives (e.g., contacting all the agents that sold similar homes; proposing rental with option of purchase, etc.). Second, she set the bar of ethics for the murky profession. While manipulation is not uncommon in real estate industry, Mary Beth's openness and honesty won our full trust. When clients' interests conflict with her own, she can put clients' interest first, which is easier said than done. In our case, we put our house on the market for sale at a bad timing (our neighbor sold a similar home at a very low price as a result of her health problems). We got a low-ball offer but would have to lose money if we took it. Once we decided to rent, Mary Beth worked as hard as before and eventually got us a good tenant, even though the rental commission was only 10% of her sales commission. Overall, Mary Beth is brilliant, hard-working, and responsible. It was a great pleasure working with her.


Mary Beth took the time to understand our needs and goals, and successfully sold our home in Narberth. Her and her team at Distinctive Homes Main Line were amazing! She was with us through the entire process, and treated us like valued clients. Her competence and experience were very helpful in dealing with other agents and managing the closing process. I have already recommended her to friends, and will certainly be using her again. The communication with perfect; provided everything we needed to know, and was very responsive when ever we had a question or needed advice. The team handled the negotiations seamlessly.


Mary Beth Hurtado was our buying agent our first home in Bryn Mawr on the Main Line. She was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the entire process. After our initial meeting with Mary Beth we felt that we were in good hands as she was able to help guide and direct us very effectively based on what our most important criteria in a home were. She was also extremely patient with us when our expectations of what we could afford became not entirely realistic. She kept us positive through several deals that did not work out in our favor. On the night that we made our first offer, Mary Beth and Eliot stayed up with us on the phone until 1am reading through the entire contract line by line to make sure we understood exactly what we were signing. This was extremely important to us as first time home buyers. When our second offer was accepted, the sellers refused to pay for the repair work that was needed on the roof, and Mary Beth deftly helped us to navigate a complex and emotionally challenging set of circumstances to make sure that we were not investing more money in a home that we felt attached to than what it was seemingly worth with the knowledge that the roof was bad. Fortunately after that contract was terminated and we were in negotiations to re-initiate, our current home was listed for sale in Bryn Mawr. Mary Beth was able to get us in as soon as it was able to be shown, and again we entered a three-way bidding war. Mary Beth's expertise and knowledge was hugely beneficial as she was able to devise a strategy that led us to be the top bidders by a margin of only $1000. Throughout the settlement period she was always there when we needed guidance through every single part of the process and we could not have done it without her. She continues to be able to recommend reputable service providers for landscaping, electric, plumbing, etc. We believe that despite the challenging set of circumstances that Mary Beth helped us with throughout the course of the three offers that we made, we wound up in exactly the right home on the Main Line. We can not recommend her services enough.

Steve Murray

We recently needed to relocate to the Philadelphia area without much knowledge about where we wanted to live or should be looking. Thankfully we got in touch with Mary Beth. She was a huge help and really great to work with. She's extremely knowledgeable about the area and really helped us narrow down our search. This was also our first house, so she was very helpful in guiding us through the process. We're very happy with the house we're in and really thankful we were lucky enough to work with Mary Beth.

Steve and Sarah

We recently needed to relocate to the Philadelphia area without much knowledge about where we wanted to live or should be looking. Thankfully we got in touch with Mary Beth. She was a huge help and really great to work with. She's extremely knowledgeable about the area and really helped us narrow down our search. This was also our first house, so she was very helpful in guiding us through the process. We're very happy with the house we're in and really thankful we were lucky enough to work with Mary Beth.


We moved into the area last summer, and even though my husband already wrote a review, I decided to write one as well.

We were looking to relocate into the area, and I picked Mary Beth because of all her reviews. And boy, I'm so glad I did!! Mary Beth took the time and a lot of energy to get to know us and our priorities. She coupled our needs with her expertise, and gently steered us in a direction where, I admittedly didn't feel 100% comfortable with at the time. But with it being an emotional time, and not intimately knowing the area (and what comes with the old houses!) we trusted her and her experience, and ultimately decided to move forward. And now, 9 months later, I can honestly say that we truly couldn't be more thrilled! Our location is exactly what we wanted, and I am incredibly grateful that she lead us to what I see now as a perfect fit to raise our young family. Not only do I feel like we gained a great new life, but I feel like we truly made a great new friend. Thank you MB!!!!


As someone coming in from out of town I knew very little of the local market. Mary Beth was quick to understand what I was looking for and zoned in on the right areas. In addition, she understood the value and came within $1,000 of what the final price would turn out to be on her first assessment of the property. She was great at negotiating the fine line of what was possible versus asking too much. She gets my highest recommendation and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Greg and Regina

Mary Beth and Eliot were fantastic when they represented us in the sale of our home. They were quick to respond to our calls and questions, and they put us at ease when the market didn't behave exactly as we preferred! In the beginning of the process, they were very helpful in the staging of our home, and their comps were right on. They helped us strike the right balance of patience and aggressiveness, and the end result,after just a few months in a tough market, was a sale price above list.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mary Beth and Eliot to my friends and family.

Andrew and Casey

We used Mary Beth Hurtado in the recent purchase our of home in Bala Cynwyd. Not only did she find us the perfect house in the right neighborhood, she helped us get it at a great price. She has a great feel for people, and tremedous knowledge and experience that make her a top-notch realtor in the area. I highly recommend Mary Beth Hurtado to anyone looking to find their dream house in the Main Line.


Mary Beth Hurtado was patient, diligent, readily available, experienced, and knowledgeable. She lives and works on the Main Line and thus is extremely versed on the Main Line properties and real estate culture. She was a great balance between being aggressive and attentive but not too pushy. She listened to us and got to know us and what we were looking for in a house, when it came to price range and style. We would recommend her for somebody looking in the Main Line area. We greatly appreciate all that she did for us throughout the home buying process.


Mary Beth was extremely professional and persistent to help find my wife and I the perfect house. At times we were probably hard to work with but Mary Beth was always patient and optimistic that the right house will come around. We used her thorough knowledge of the real estate market which was highly beneficial especially during our negotiations which saved us thousands. Mary Beth made herself available around the clock to look at houses and take phone calls. I would recommend anyone to work with her because we had such a great experience in finding an incredible house...


Mary Beth did an outstanding job helping my wife and I and our young family find our new home on the main line. Not only was she fun to work with, but her years of experience really paid-off for us. She told us all of the details and nuances of each street and each neighborhood. Ultimately, we thought we wanted one type of neighborhood but she gently steered us toward another type of neighborhood she thought suited us better. We are so glad that she did because we love our new house and new neighborhood. Based on her relationships and experience she was able to get us a great price in a tight market. We can't recommend Mary Beth highly enough, Mary Beth Hurtado is our Main Line real estate agent!


Mary Beth Hurtado is our Main Line real estate Agent 4sure!!!

My wife and two little boys moved from Bucks County. We knew of the area, but were not familiar with all of the neighborhoods and school systems. Our #1 goal was to be in a top ranked public school for our kids. She was very patient in showing us homes from Media, Wayne, Malvern, and Ardmore where we now call Home!

To be honest, I was very hesitant on this home due to it being a "fixer upper", but MB insisted that the location was amazing and surrounding area was extremely desirable. Now that we are here even only a single month, she was much more than right, we could not be happier with the Location Location Location.......she even brought me some food while renovations were underway....:)


We were relocating back to the area after a year away and Mary Beth sent us many listing that might have been suitable. Since we knew the area, it was easy to sift through them. Before we moved up to an apartment, we saw a house that we liked, and Mary Beth went out to make a video tour of the house. It was extremely helpful. That house did not work out, but we eventually found the one we liked the best and the rest is history! Mary Beth was extremely patient with us (through our ups and downs). Highly recommended!


My husband and I started working with Mary Beth Hurtado in 2010 when we first moved to the area and were looking for a rental. She was wonderful through that process - spent a rainy Sunday shuttling me to over 10 properties, many of which were not listed but she found through connections. For a rental!

Over the subsequent years, we had looked sporadically for our perfect house, and any time I called Mary Beth she was incredibly quick to respond and willing to go out of her way to help us.

Finally this year, we came across a home that we fell in love with. Mary Beth spent hours at the home with me, going over every feature and every possibility. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area, comparable sales, and the home's potential resale value. In addition, we found her to be very well-versed on the financial side of things. She was able to recommend everyone from an excellent home inspector to a plumber to a cleaning lady.

I will not hesitate to call Mary Beth if we ever decide to move from this house and I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell on the Main Line.


I thought buying a home was supposed to be difficult, but working with Mary Beth Hurtado made it a lot less stressful than the other home buying experiences we've gone through. She was a relentless negotiator on our behalf, was extremely responsive and gave us expert advice. Best of all, she's a genuinely nice person who showed a true interest in getting us the home we wanted. If we purchase again, we'll definitely work with Mary Beth.

Brandon Evans

Mary Beth was wonderful! She made our first home buying experience a great one.

We found Mary Beth here via Zillow reviews - we chose her because she seemed knowledgeable, easy to work with, and thorough. All proved to be true!

We already had a home we were seriously interested in and had to move quickly. We asked for immediate attention and although Mary Beth was in the middle of transactions with other clients, it felt as if we were her only clients.

She accommodated our requests (we had quite a few due to the fact it is our first home) without hesitation, which we really appreciated. She was a perfect fit for us and helped facilitate every step of the way. She knew what she was doing, was calm and reassuring with any "hiccups" in the home-buying process, and was extremely pleasant to work with.

Thank you, Mary Beth - we are happy first homeowners because of you!

Linda McCarty

We were so happy to have found Mary Beth Hurtado as our Main Line real estate agent on the internet. Mary Beth was relentless in her search for the perfect home for us. She got to know us personally, and she understood our needs. Mary Beth is a true professional who knows the area and the market. Her energy, integrity, and efforts completely exceeded our expectations.


Mary Beth-

Where do I begin? She is a sweet, hard working and determined realtor that you want representing you. We were searching for a home in the Main Line area for several months using another realtor. Days, months and even a year went by and we were unsuccessful. It wasn't until we started working with Mary Bath Hurtado that this dream of living in the Main Line came true!

It's been a pleasure to recommend her to many friends and to see how they also have found their dream home. If you are determined to find a house, call Mary Beth! She is knowledgeable, caring, dedicated, and passionate...a real winner!

Sam Tikriti

Mary Beth was a true pleasure to work with. She was hardworking dedicated and more importantly client focused. She was proactive in finding solutions and very patient in working with our needs and schedules. I highly recommend Mary Beth.

Teal 2

We engaged Mary Beth Hurtado and Alicia Farley to list and sell our home for a variety of reasons. While many agents know the area and have good skills, Mary Beth and Alicia combine for a dynamic marketing and support team that just isn't common in today's real estate market. I can't imagine ever


Very tough buying process and Mary Beth was able to successfully "win" the house of our choice within our desired price range.

Megan Dugan

Mary Beth represented my family in the purchase of our new home and guided us through the process every step of the way. The transaction was complicated yet went smoothly thanks to her preparation and efforts.

Mary Beth was wonderful to work with and we would recommend her highly!


Mary Beth really listened and worked hard to find a home that would be right for us. She was incredibly patient as we explored different towns and areas, and she had great knowledge of all those areas and had extensive comps and thoughts on pricing. When looking at homes, she had a keen eye for well-built homes and knew which to avoid. When we were ready to make an offer, she guided us through the process and negotiated strongly--we have a new hot water heater to prove for it! Besides all that, Mary Beth is a joy to spend time with. We were often looking at homes with our 2 year old daughter and my pregnant wife, so having a friendly, understanding agent made our process that much easier.

Chris Shaknis

Mary Beth was a great realtor! She helped us throughout the entire process of our first home purchase.


I could not have a better real estate professional than MaryBeth Hurtado. MaryBeth was there for me 24/7 during the purchase of my home. MaryBeth's expertise,dedication and kindness helped make this experience wonderful. MAryBeth was always looking out for my best interest in addition to having all my questions answered before I got a chance to ask. MaryBeth and her team that assisted me through this process were all amazing. I would recommend MaryBeth to anyone she is professional, honest and you she takes care of you like your family - she is the BEST!!


Mary Beth Hurtado, together with her business partner, Alicia Farley, represented my family in the sale of our home in Center City Philadelphia (and the purchase of our home in Bryn Mawr) and did an absolutely excellent job. In a very fast-track transaction lasting just over a month from beginning to end, the negotiations were contentious at times. But Mary Beth remained calm throughout, quite honestly saving the deal on at least one occasion. Mary Beth is responsive and caring and I would recommend her without hesitation to a friend or family member buying or selling a home.

Mark Farley

Mary Beth and Alicia made this deal happen. Their professionalism and negotiating skills made everyone a winner. They were on top of the transaction every step of the way. In this difficult real estate environment they do not believe that anything is a problem, only solutions!!

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